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At HR Partners we have seen another good Quarter with lots of encouraging signs and some real belief that we are now operating in a market which is gradually improving.

This is not, however, a linear recovery; we continue to have ups and downs and we see a mixture of opportunities with Permanent, Fixed Term and time sheet contracting opportunities more popular at certain times. This suggests a clear lack of confidence in the medium term security of the Economy.

One can only suggest that this may continue for quite some time as overseas political instability and conflict erodes confidence in a quick return to the prosperity we enjoyed prior to 2008.

Hot spots continue to appear in Talent acquisition aka recruitment as the recruitment industry starts to invite experienced and in-house recruiters to return to the “other side” once more.

The words “candidate” and “shortage” have been heard in my offices again in the last 2-3 months and this in itself is evidence of a change.  I will let you be the judge of who this is good for but the long term earning and employment security of HR Professionals can only benefit from supply being a little shorter than demand.

David Owens, Managing Director, HR Partners

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