Perpetual is “Redefining Workplace Flexibility”

On Friday 9 September Perpetual proudly received the Award for Best Workplace Flexibility Program at the 2016 Australian HR Awards. Flexibility has been embraced for several years at Perpetual, with strong support from CEO Geoff Lloyd, who genuinely believes it drives better business outcomes.

“Perpetual is redefining flexibility.  Allowing our employees the flexibility they need to achieve their personal and professional goals not only enables us to attract the best talent from the market place, but also encourages a more nimble and innovative workplace culture, which can better deliver to the needs of our clients and shareholders. Our clarity about the outcomes we expect for our clients, shareholders and people mean we can be extremely flexible about how people get there” says Lloyd.

Practically, this means empowering employees with a measure of control over where, when and how they work to deliver optimal business outcomes. The premise is that all roles can be performed flexibly and employees and leaders are encouraged to always look for ways to make it work for our business, clients and themselves.

Having an award winning flexibility program is an honour, but the real pride is in Perpetual people living and breathing flexibility. Over 80% of employees believe the Company cultivates a culture that embraces, promotes and encourages flexibility for them at work. Flexibility will continue to be a key focus and driver for business success at Perpetual.


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