Peers have the most positive impact on employee engagement

A recent study by Oracle, which set out to find out the drivers and benefits of employee engagement in Europe, found that 42% of employees believe that their peers have the most positive impact on engagement. This was followed by line managers (21%) and business unit managers (7%). Only 3% of respondents said HR has the biggest positive impact on their levels of engagement. A third (35%) of Western European employees said they feel engaged most of the time.

A more personalised approach

Over half of respondents (56%) said they would like a more personalised and tailored approach to management that treats them as an individual. Only 29% of employees believe their company is proactive at engaging with them, compared to 42% who state that their employer typically waits for them to bring up issues.

Benefits of employee engagement

Employees stated productivity (56%) as the main benefit of engagement, followed by a reduced likelihood of them looking for work elsewhere (37%) and an increased ability to provide creative ideas to their company on what to improve (35%). Almost a third (30%) of employees said they are more inclined to deliver better customer service if they feel engaged.

How can HR make employees feel more engaged at work? 

According to employees, recognising their achievements was the biggest driver of engagement (53%), followed by helping employees understand their contribution to the company (35%) and giving them the opportunity to work on exciting projects (34%). A third of employees (32%) state that their company does not recognise individual employee excellence at all.

Sound bites for HR

  • HR and management teams need to take a more proactive management style.
  • Management needs a more tailored leadership approach that treats employees as an individual.
  • HR needs to incorporate processes and technologies to provide the tools for management to give their employees regular and consistent feedback.

View the full press release from Oracle

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