Why networking is critical for HR professionals

As a HR professional, you need to make networking a priority, targetting networking events that are tailored to all things HR related.

The relevance and importance of solid human resources practices in contemporary business can never be understated.   Whether your HR role is operational or more strategic in nature, people are still your vehicle to drive business outcome until we have become obsolete in an increasingly technical and automated world, but that is another blog.

I attend a number of networking events specific to my areas of interest and I meet a lot of amazing people and develop strong connections that I adopt into my networks.  As you would expect, networking is a significant component of any recruiter’s role.  It does surprise me that a significantly large number of HR professionals don’t consider networking to be a priority in their role.  Many can’t see the benefit and often time constraints are listed as reasons why networking takes a back seat.

Target networking events relevant to your role

A networking event is commonly mistaken as a tedious, sometimes awkward meeting where you are exposed to repetitive sales pitches from people you don’t want to speak to.  The fact is that networking is really for everyone, especially if you target networking events that are industry specific and relevant to the area in which you work.

Networking gives you a platform outside of your current circle of influence

Networking gives you an opportunity to share experiences from your workplace and to learn how other people and organisations have dealt with similar experiences.  You get the opportunity to learn about trends within the industry, projects that other organisations are undertaking, as well as getting suggestions on what has gone well and being aware of potential pitfalls.

Networking gives you insights into relevant legislation and the changes in the market

From a legislative perspective you can get insights into how changes in legislation have impacted on organisations and how industry peers are embedding changes into their processes and systems.

In a constantly changing employment market, restructures and ensuing redundancies are increasingly prevalent and having a strong network can give you better options and more visibility in the market.  The glory days of press recruitment advertising have gone and often individuals find they are overlooked in standard web based recruitment campaigns due to the large number of applicants or sub standard internal recruitment processes by organisations.

Networking is a development tool 

Networking adds value to your role and your business, it is a developmental tool.   For those of us that are slightly more introverted, networking can get stretch you, get you out of your comfort zone, developing your capabilities in a social environment.  You find that issues and problems in the work place that are affecting you are not foreign to your peers in other organisations.

You are not alone and can arrange subsequent meetings with individuals that are aligned to you and have important information to share.

In an increasingly technological age, it is easy to become insular in your work practices and processes.  It is hard to put a value on personal interaction and shared learning.  Get out there, stay on pulse and mingle with your peers, you just may like it.

For more information about any of our network events, please visit our HR Network Group site. With hundreds of members nationally, our HR Network Group provides a valuable opportunity to network with your peers in a relaxed and open HR-focused forum while developing beneficial industry connections.

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