Is increased online job advertising a true indication of the job market?

pod-web_sectorimage_Marketing_PR_smartphoneOur Managing Director David Owens shares his view on increased online job advertising. Is it a true indication of job market strength and is it enough to attract the best HR talent?

I have really enjoyed the last six months; The HR recruitment scene has been busy and when it’s busy, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a changing scene; people and businesses are transforming, reshaping and resizing and all the while the external economic and political environment puts everything we are doing under a huge amount of scrutiny. Despite all of this we have been involved in a lot of stuff. HR clearly plays a vital part in a lot of what is currently going on. 🙂

I decided that in this update I would talk about disruption and not just in a trendy faddy way. The way people find jobs is becoming more and more diverse. Online advertising, the first to disrupt the traditional newspaper advertising model, is itself being disrupted and the diversity of options available and the accessibility of new technology is exciting and a little scary. What I’m beginning to realise is that it’s only scary when it’s a mystery.

With so much connectivity being generated by social media, it’s not surprising that the first wave of disruptors are themselves being disrupted. Online advertising is touted in the media as a real indicator of the strength of the recruitment market and I want to suggest that increasing rates of online job advertising indicate something else, which I will get to in just a moment.

I can assure you that increases in the volume of online HR recruitment advertising will get an airing over the next month or so and whilst I concur with the general premise that market conditions are good and demand has been pretty solid, I think the volume of online advertising is far from a clear indicator.

If you or your business has a sophisticated talent attraction strategy you know this already. How many of your friends, current and past colleagues network compadres and alumni cum laude (I made that one up) found their new job from an ad they found online?

The answer will be less and less and less,  so why more and more and more ads?

My old boss used to tell me to dig where the gold is (he also used to add the word “son” to the sentence, even though i was only eight years younger than him and that was most likely not biologically possible).

HR people are highly sophisticated, highly motivated, highly networked and very well connected people and ask, “how do I approach the challenge of finding a new role?”

The disruptor has been disrupted; we are getting better and better at digging where the gold is, admitting to not being perfect but nonetheless highly skilled is important here. 🙂

Finally your call to action…If you have been spending time and money doggedly advertising online and not getting what you’re looking for give me a call and we will take on the job for you; we have a new shovel and we are ready to dig.

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  1. Increased online advertising is not a reliable indication of job market strength
  2. To attract the best talent you need a wide-ranging talent sourcing strategy
  3. Industry networks and Social Media connections are the great enablers of best talent Sourcing Strategies
  4. If you don’t have the time or the resources to dedicate to serious and Diverse Talent Sourcing then you should use a specialist who does

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