HR Salary Survey Results & Analysis


Over the last 2 years I have become quite familiar with HR Salary Survey results showing very modest movements and indeed on some occasions flat lines.

This latest salary survey result is definitely a little different.  We are seeing strong growth in fixed Remuneration for HR Managers and for HR Business Partners as the perception that the talent pools of qualified HR Talent are shrinking.

Internal Recruitment roles are becoming harder and harder to fill as the number of organisations seeking to employ them has ballooned, not only are they competing  against RPO solution providers for great recruiters but with recruitment agencies as well.

Whilst some employment categories show no movement at all e.g.  L & D, one would suggest that structural changes to the way L & D is conducted and the increasing trend of big companies to outsource components of learning and more fully utilize digital options, one is drawn to make the conclusion – that Learning will never be the same again.

David Owens, Managing Director at HR Partners


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