HR jobs in Australia

Our MD, David Owens, gives us an insiders view of the market for HR jobs in Australia.

With spring in the air and a spring in our step, the market for HR Professionals looking to change jobs has evolved significantly in the last three months.

There seems to be a lot of roles around and some optimism that the remainder of the year is going to provide plenty of opportunities for those on the move.
There is no immediately obvious pattern; there are permanent, fixed term and time sheet contract opportunities in the lower, mid and senior markets.

I personally always like a statistic – and in the recruitment field they can be hard to come by. No one wants to share their nuggets of information – treasuring them like gold.

I can however give you this; Over 25% of the members of my Executive HR Network Group have changed jobs in the last eight months. That is a pretty powerful statement about a fairly senior group of HR Professionals. It says a lot about their mobility but it also suggests that there have been plenty of moves completed this year already.

If you would like more information on either the Executive HR Network Group or one of our other HR Network Groups in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, please let us know via the contact form below. The HR Network Group events are highly informative sessions where high achieving Australian HR professionals share insights and knowledge with their peers.

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