“Get busy with the over 50’s”

The Government wants to get Australian businesses busy with the over 50’s. And they are putting the financial incentives in place to back them.

The new ‘Restart Programme’ investment package from the Government aims to attract mature age workers back into the work force by offering a payment of up to $10,000 to employers who hire a mature job seeker (including those on the Disability Support Pension) who are aged 50 years or over.  This is planned to be implemented from the 1st of July 2014.

The bonuses will be paid to eligible employers who employ over 50’s on a full time basis where the worker has previously been unemployed for a minimum of six months.  The intention of the bonuses is that they act as a wage subsidy.

The payments commence after six months of employment and are planned to be paid in a phased approach:

  • · $3,000 after six months of employment;
  • · $3,000 after 12 months of employment;
  • · $2,000 after 18 months of employment; and
  • · $2,000 after 24 months of employment.

The Governments bid to boost workforce participation amongst mature job seekers is clearly a positive step towards closing unemployment rates at this end of the market, and ties in with its proposed plan to increase the national retirement age to 70.

What other effects do you foresee with the introduction of the ‘Restart Programme?’

If you are looking for advice on how your organisation can get involved in this Federally funded initiative contact Gill Bedford at Diversity Dimensions about their ‘Corporate Champion’ program: 02 9836 5838, gbedford@diversity-dimensions.com.au or diversity-dimensions.com.au.

Figures taken from the Federal Government budget website: http://www.budget.gov.au/2014-15/content/bp2/html/bp2_expense-10.htm

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  1. This is a positive encouragement to employers to reconsider the older worker and very timely with the retirement age to be raised to 70. I see this as another diversity matter and hope that younger workers can find positives in mixed ages in the work force. Perhaps there is some room for the wisdom of experience. For older workers the opportunity to work with bright young people is it’s own reward.

    Lynne Power / Reply
  2. Lynne your last sentence indicates that you would appear to place little value on the experience and skills of older workers. ..”For older workers the opportunity to work with bright young people is it’s own reward”…..

    I can assure you my 29,000 registered (over 45 years of age) unemployed probably wouldn’t see it that way. The advantage of a diverse workforce is the benefits the skills and experiences all age groups, nationalities, cultures, genders and religions bring to the table, not just the “bright young things”.

    Judy Higgins / Reply
  3. Judy – I was looking for the LIKE button!

    Clare / Reply
  4. This is an area I find extremely frustrating. A person I know is unable to find work – because he is 63! He has an incredible work cv including managerial positions within large Australian wide companies, a long history of management experience and training and extensive experience in the travel industry as well as very deep accounting knowledge. And yet he can’t get work. He doesn’t want to work in a retail job such as Bunnings or Coles, he wants something that is going to challenge him. He wants to work for at least the next 5 years and yet he keeps getting turned down for applications. After reviewing his resume and interview techniques they are fantastic, instead it’s his age. And that is disgusting – he has more knowledge and experience that most other applicants but gets knocked back for one of those “bright young things”.Stop employing young things and instead employ someone with experience who will be able to guide the young ones! Our thinking is completely backward and unless we do something we are going to have thousands of “old” people who are unemployed only because certain employers do not have the brain power to understand that hiring “bright young things” over experienced employees is blatantly age discrimination. We as career practitioners need to be doing everything in our power to support the elderly population to find employment, they have the right to work and have a plethora of knowledge and experience that Australia needs!

    Briony / Reply
  5. Sorry for some reason my comment posted twice! I must of been really fired up!! Whoops. Apologise.

    Briony / Reply
  6. Hi Saw this post (July 2/ 2016) My husband and I went overseas for 1year to see ill family in Uk and sine returning we get an odd interview but know we are too old 55 and 60. Employers use excuses lies and maje out someone is more suitably qualified. As if. We are well qualified. Itis our age and it really gets you down.Weve taled of opening our own business again and guess what?? Only hiring over 55s.😅☺☺

    Ron McIver / Reply
    • Hi Ron, thanks for your comment, that’s disappointing to hear. We plan to revisit this topic soon as we’ve had a lot of feedback from all sides. I admire your spirit and all the best on your journey!

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