Fancy a little fun, whilst “doing good” at the same time?

The hairy month of Moustache growing is upon us once again. Movember is the ultimate conversation starter when it comes to men’s health and helps create an open, team environment to facilitate this. The magic of Movember is that is uses fun as a “Trojan Horse” and through encouraging the team to have fun, it helps significantly to improve wellness of the team and strengthen the culture of your workforce.


This year your teams can get involved in three different ways:

  • Host an event – Movember events come in all shapes and sizes, where almost anything goes. Sign up on and create your event then get together, have fun and raise funds. Organising a Mo Quiz or a Bake off are great examples of creating fun amongst the team.
  • Move for Movember – Take the Move challenge and get physically active during Movember. Get sponsored to try something new or beat your own personal best. Create a team at work and get exercising at lunchtimes.
  • Grow a Moustache – The moustache still is and always will be our ribbon for men’s health.


Participating in Movember within the workplace has helped boost morale amongst teams all around the globe that are united under one important cause. This common sense of purpose leads to greater inter team engagement and networking as well as “friendly” competition within departments to raise funds. The serious side of the Mo can be seen through the countless conversations where colleagues use this as an opportunity to open up about their own physical and mental health journeys and feel empowered to take action. This is the real power of Movember, men taking action about their own health when without such a push they may never have done so. We want them to be able to talk about the big things happening in their lives which can impact their health. There is so much research that shows that social connections can help reduce the risk of mental health problems, even suicide.


This year, we also have one powerful message and that’s “stop men dying too young”. Globally, men die five years younger on average than women. We’re focusing on how we can close this gap in life expectancy by promoting positive men’s health behavior and the workplace is an ideal place to facilitate this. Employees taking better care of their health will ultimately reduce job stress, number of sick days and fuel productivity.


We are actively encouraging workmates to create teams and get moving together due to the great benefits of physical activity on productivity. Some examples can be to encourage:

  • Walking or cycling to work
  • Avoiding use of the lift and taking the stairs
  • Hold walking meetings
  • Organise to stand in meetings rather than sit continuously
  • Take time away from your desk at lunchtime to exercise


We would love to know any ideas you may have to get your workmates engaged in Movember and get them taking action for their health. We ask you to challenge your colleagues to get involved and maybe even match their fundraising efforts. Please make sure you provide regular updates on how you’re doing with your colleagues via social networks.


If you need any help or advice, the team at are there to help you and would welcome your questions, which you can ask online. Please consider the benefits to your team of participating in Movember this year and then enjoy watching them have fun in a way that is directly benefitting not only them but your organisation. Fun is infectious, get your teams involved and you will not be disappointed.



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