Exclusive interview with Paul Landy – Chief of People & Transformation at QSuper

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Paul Landy from QSuper

We continue our exclusive interview series with leading HR professionals. In this interview, Paul Landy, Chief of People & Transformation at QSuper, gives us an insight into his role and his current focus. He also shares his views on the challenges that the HR function faces in the future, as well as the best career advice he’s been given.

1. Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your role at QSuper Group?

I have been in human resources and people management for over 15 years and have a Bachelor of Business and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing.

In my role as the Chief of People and Transformation, I am responsible for providing both strategic and operational advice across a broad spectrum of human resource management and internal communications activities, as well as managing all of the QSuper Group change activities.

2. What are you focused on right now?

A number of things.  Recently, my whole portfolio was changed as a result of a restructure. And I now have an additional 200 employees. My immediate priority is on establishing my new leadership team and completing the associated restructure. In addition, we are making some changes to our remuneration strategy, our performance review process and talent identification.

 3. How is the role of the HR function within QSuper responding to the current aims and challenges of your business?

QSuper has recently undergone a series of functional reviews. This has resulted in changes to our organisational structure. These changes have been focused on ensuring that we deliver on an ambitious Group Strategy and achieve our strategic objective of providing better retirement outcomes for our members.

4. What do you see as the main challenge that the HR function faces in the future?

Maintain relevance in a rapidly changing environment. We need to move to become true partners within our organisations so that we can help support, shape and influence strategic agendas.

 5. What key characteristics do you look for in HR professionals when recruiting for your team?

I truly believe you need to select people that have the right attitude and the right cultural fit for your team.  This is what I look for when I recruit anyone within my team (either within the People or Transformation function). Nine out of ten will overcome any industry or technical capability deficiency, but without the right attitude and cultural fit they will not be successful in their role.

6. What is the best career advice you have ever been given?

Lift as you climb (take others with you and pay it forward)..

7. What do you love most about your role?

The best part of my job is the people, both in my team and across the Group.

8. Best place or holiday destination you have visited?

Lake Como in Italy. I fell in love with it and plan to spend 50% of my time there in retirement.




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