You can’t do it yourself all the time!

Why use an agency?

So, what does it take to uncover that perfect gem, purple squirrel…..excellent candidate?

During my time in recruitment…eek 13 years now, I have worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of organisations. I have advised SME’s on their recruitment processes and given feedback to others that have been doing it for many years.

The process of uncovering talent has changed over the last few years and the recruitment process and industry has had to evolve with this.

Internal recruitment teams use agencies to assist with the discovery of specialists and there is a good reason for that. We talk to hundreds of people a month. We have a network that stems over a number of years and through that we have followed people’s careers; we understand what makes people succeed in various environments and the organisations that will truly add value to their work life.

People come to us for advice on which direction they should take, ask for clarification around the culture of organisations and the impact their next career move can have on their trajectory.

We do things that internal recruiters simply can’t. Greg Savage – recruitment extraordinaire – wrote a great piece last year and said;

“Even great internal recruiters can never do as good a job for candidates as great agency recruiters do. Never. Ever. And that’s simply because internal recruiters are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to supporting candidates in their job search.”

Agency recruiters have different options, they have knowledge of multiple organisations and cultures and can advise on roles that will take you down the career path you want to follow. Of course, there are recruiters out there that don’t value or understand how to support candidates and that’s why it is important to get to know the recruiters that will be working with you. You need to find someone that is passionate about what they do and they need to understand their niche, back to front.

What are the 5 key things to do to through the recruitment process to engage with your candidate?

In supporting candidates in their job search it is really important that people strategy and recruitment processes enable the best to want to join you. These tips will also add to your brand image and even the candidates that don’t get a role with you, will talk about your brand in a positive light.

  1. Engage with an expert recruiter
  2. Make sure that you set a realistic timeframe and that key stakeholders are ready to interview to keep the process moving. There is nothing worse than two week breaks between interviews that can stretch the process over months
  3. Do not have a six stage process. What message do you want to give out? Are you a business that enables or stifles through red tape and process?
  4. Do not stick an ad on Seek and then call five recruiters and ask them to just send you their best. This turns the process into a resume race and you do not get an accurate picture of the talent that may be available in the market.
  5. Have a strong purpose and value proposition ready to talk about and deliver through the process. Changing jobs can be life changing and people need to know who you really are.

On face value it can sometimes look like recruitment is easy. It isn’t. But it is very rewarding. You have the ability to change lives and work with amazing people and that’s where the passion lies.

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